iFoodie store has created a very easy REFERRAL PROGRAM.

Regular price is $44.99. When the purchase is made through your REFERRAL link.

The buyer pays $35.99. That is a 20 percent discount. Which includes FREE SHIPPING. And a portion of the funds are donated to NO KIDS HUNGRY charity. They can use any payment option. iFoodie store offers for a payment.

After the transaction. You earn $2.

Please note. US$ is the default currency of iFoodie store. We pay you in US$.

For security reasons. iFoodie store only pays via PayPal. Please click HERE to create a PayPal account. And please register.

US$ as your currency in your PayPal account. After, you create a PayPal account.

Please provide answer to this 1 question. At this form below, the video.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Please do not be alarmed. After providing an email address for your PayPal payment. You will be directed to a page to share your REFERRAL link. It is all automatic. Thank you.

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