This page is built to inform you about. A few things iFoodie store does to assist you. And some reasons. Why it does that.

1. Shipping

We provide free shipping. But, we only ship to UNITED STATES and US minor outlying islands.

2. Pricing

There are 3 payment options. 1. Debit or Credit card. 2. PayPal. 3. PayPal`s PAY IN 4  feature. The price is $35.99. It comes with FREE SHIPPING and portion of the money is donated to NO KIDS HUNGRY charity.

US$ is the default currency of iFoodie store

3. CARTOONIZING a picture, adding text or characters and an emoji. We only sell MATTE finish.

Ultimately, it will depend on you. Which part of the picture. As you wish to be your CELLPHONE CASE. You can further personalize the CELLPHONE CASE. By adding characters or text in any language. And adding 1 or more EMOJI(S). 

iFoodie store ONLY sells MATTE finish cases. Glossy cases are infamously slippery, especially over time, as they collect more and more skin oils. A matte finish repels these marks and tends to be easier to grip because of its often rougher texture. Plus, MATTE cases hide the wear and tear overtime better than its counter GLOSSY cases.